You Decide Your Potential

Stop selling yourself short.

As athletes there are times when our confidence can be at an all-time high. Then, there are those times when it feels like doubt and uncertainty won’t leave us alone. No matter the situation or the trials you may be going through, keep betting on yourself. Stop letting everyone else tell you how good you are or what you deserve. You ultimately determine that. You can be humble and still know what you are worthy of as an athlete. Don’t let the fear of failing or not living up to someone else standards hold you back from receiving what it already yours for the taking.

As athletes we are always being evaluated, compared, and analyzed. That just comes with the competition. However, we can’t get lost in those things. We can’t allow other individuals to determine our worth. Obviously, this can pertain to much more than sports but as athletes we so often look for words of affirmation or someone else’s confirmation that we are good enough.

Stop it right now.

You ultimately know when you are good enough or you are not. There is that feeling and that little voice that always lets you know when you have done enough, or you need to keep working. I want us to get away from the mindset of feeling as if we are coming short. Coming short of what? Someone else’s expectations? Forget that.

I remember thinking some of these thoughts to myself back in the winter of 2016 when I was considering making the transition from playing in the MLB to playing professionally in Korea. I kept thinking what if others don’t think I’m good enough for the MLB? What will my friends and family say? Am I good enough to travel all the way across the world to play? What if I get released and I am forced to come all the way back in the middle of the season?

Those are all thoughts of an athlete that didn’t consider his worth, how much time he had put in, how much passion he had, and ultimately the type of person he was.

Sometimes we need to check ourselves and look at ourselves honestly in the mirror. Remind yourself why you deserve that starting job, or that roster spot, or even that gold medal.

Stop considering yourself not good enough and trying to live up to someone else’s standards. That only puts limitations on ourselves. Keep in mind that the sky is the limit and the only person we really should try to impress, or amaze is ourselves. We do this by reaching goals and accomplishments derived from pushing ourselves. Not by holding ourselves back. It’s not just positive talk but a mindset that you build through recognizing that the opinions of others can never diminish the vision you see for yourself.

Don’t sell yourself short. If anything, “shoot your shot” and exceed even your own expectations and beliefs about yourself.

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