You Can't Do It Alone

Don’t take relationships for granted. There are reasons why certain people enter your life. Whether it be for a brief moment or an extended amount of time, everyone has some sort of significance. You may not realize it now, but one day you may look back and realize with God placed a certain person in your life.

I think this is what the athletic journey is all about. It is about building relationships that will help us be successful in life. Even the relationships we take for granted and the ones we don’t necessarily care for have a purpose and warrant some meaning.

So, recognize when people are trying to help you and are genuine about their support for you. Stack those people up and collect them like valuable memorabilia because they are worth more than money itself. Be more concerned about surrounding yourself with people who will not only build you up but will challenge your thinking and your thought process. Don’t just surround yourself with people who are like minded. We must begin to understand that not all people who challenge you, offend you, and/or disagree with you don’t bring value to your life.

As athletes we can’t afford to burn bridges along the way. You never know when you might run into a prior coach, instructor, or trainer again down the line. You don’t have to like everyone that you come in contact with. However, understand that many individuals in the sports industry “talk” and your reputation can sometimes be affected by how you are perceived by others. Give them no reason to speak ill of you or designate you as unteachable/uncoachable.

Continue to follow up with people who have had positive impacts on your career as well. These same people have helped turn your potential into results and achievements. You should be thankful for that! When you can, refer back to those certain moments of growth and tell them thank you. It will put things into perspective for you and remind you that you have come along way. It will also serve as an indication that it takes more than just yourself to build a successful athlete or a successful individual for that matter.

Lastly, the relationships in the game are the thing that people will remember the most when they are done. You hear it time and time again from athletes who have retired or gone on to other endeavors. What they all reminisce on the most is the people they came in contact with and the time they spend with all types of individuals.

That is what life is about. We weren’t meant to do anything on our own. We were meant to grind with others and ultimately shine with others as well.

Be a light.

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