The Check In

I’ve always wanted to give fans, followers, and supporters an inside look at what an athlete goes through to achieve success. However, I have always felt that an inside look needs to extend past the actual competition side of things. The way we handle things off the field/ice/court etc. is important to display as well. I can’t build a business, or a program called Xtraordinary Athletes without getting my hands a little dirty. Xtraordinary means you go the extra mile.

My most recent production, “The Check In” is a perfect opportunity for me to do just that. It is a approach for me to convey the ins and outs of how a global pandemic can affect our lives within athletics. It was important for me to use my relationships and the platform I’ve built within the game to sit down face to face with athletes. More specifically, I wanted to target those who could articulate their personal stories and reactions to this unprecedented time.

Throughout this whole year I have been consumed with figuring out how to bridge the gap between the athlete and fan/follower/supporter. I want to break down that wall that is so often created between the two. More than anything I want other athletes to discover how to deal with certain situations or at least be able to acquire tendencies of Xtraordinary individuals.

Having the opportunity to sit down with my old teammate Randal Grichuk was more than just catching up with a friend. It was a chance to learn more about how he has been able to keep such a strong focus during this unique time. Randal helped lead his team to the playoffs this year and has grown to be one of the most impactful players on the Toronto Blue Jays.

My goal was to dive deeper into understanding how off the field circumstances didn’t waver his confidence and productivity.

One of the main takeaways I desire athletes to understand after watching “The Check In” is that there will always be unpredictable struggles and tough times along the way. The struggles and tough times are what mold you into the athlete you want to become. You don’t build yourself into something great when everything is going your way. It is in the mist of frustration, confusion, and struggles that make you strong enough to withstand the next hurdle. It is this test of your perseverance that makes you decide how bad you want something.

Besides my faith, the one thing that has always seemed to push me was finding a way to be Xtraordinary. I have always had this yearning wish to separate myself from the average and bypass my competition spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The best athletes in the world and the most successful ones have that same drive. I just want everyone I come across to be able to tap into that same determination.

To watch the full episode of "The Check In” produced by Xtraordinary Athletes and Turn2 please click here.

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