One Hour With Vanderbilt’s Tim Corbin

As the skipper of Vanderbilt Baseball program, what he has done is literally unmatched. His accolades go on and on but winning two College World Series championships in the last 7 years in absolutely ridiculous. The consistency within the program has been amazing to watch and much of that speaks to the work ethic and mindset of Tim Corbin.

To give some context to this one on one conversation, Coach Corbin doesn’t do podcasts and doesn’t even like zoom/virtual meetings. The opportunity of having me on his podcast is basically unheard of. I can only imagine the amount of people attempting to reach out to him for interviews and podcasts, but for me to actually be rewarded the time by him is monumental. I have to thank both my brother-in-law and father-in-law for their relationship with Coach Corbin because they both allowed this special occasion to come to fruition.

Selfishly I believe it was incredibly beneficial for me because I learned so much. More than anything, this sit down is an amazing opportunity that allows athletes to hear what the best coach in the game is looking for.

Corbin conveyed why his recruiting process is the top in the game and the specific things he is looking for in players all over the nation. I feel like if an athlete is looking to take their game to the next it is crucial for them to take notes from this podcast and immediately apply them to their everyday routine. The best coach in the game is laying down the blueprint and giving you an inside look into the program.

One of the biggest takeaways I had from the podcast is that all of the top players he has coached have had something in common. They had “believability”. The elite players have invested so much time and effort into their craft that they truly believe in themselves more than anything else. From David Price to Dansby Swanson he feels like the top guys develop a confidence in themselves that allows them to go out an perform at a high level. The funny thing is that Corbin never mentioned talent level when talking about the top players he has coached. He has had first rounder after first rounder come through his program and he says the best players develop in their opportunities. This in turn allows them to say, “I belong here”.

Corbin mentioned how important it is for players to have a “high care level for everything that they do”. This statement is so important because I stress to young athletes all the time that you may not be perfect or perform your best, but you must control what you can control. That starts with being intentional about everything you do. Care more about all that you do. This will help you separate yourself from other players. When you start to incorporate a high care level in everything you do, you start to pay more attention to detail. That attention to detail is not only what gives you an edge over other athletes, but it also allows you to make the consistent adjustments necessary to make yourself a better athlete.

During our time, Corbin discussed this idea of “patience” and “getting incrementally better” for yourself and the people around you. I thought he perfectly conveyed the idea of not accepting a selfish focus. He said you do this by being more centered on how I can help my team and the people around me be better.

Patience is something so commonly overlooked, especially in today’s society. Athletes and people in general want everything now, with no delay. We are used to having so many resources at our fingertips and in the blink of an eye. We must keep in mind that it takes time to evolve into a successful athlete. Nothing happens overnight and it will as always be a continual process of figuring out ways to improve in our sport.

The bar has been set extremely high by Coach Corbin and his staff. He and the Vanderbilt program exemplify what continual success looks like today as far as college baseball is concerned. I had to take full advantage of the opportunity to sit down with him and “pick his brain”. This man is a wealth of knowledge and I am privileged to have the opportunity to pass this all back to the Xtraordinary Athletes family and more. Stay tuned as the podcast episode will be releasing soon.

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