Keep A Journal

It’s weird for me to tell you this because I remember a time when I hated journaling. This was back when I was in elementary school. My mother made me write in my journal every day. At that time, it was a chore more than anything. It felt like something so meaningless and time consuming. But today I see the benefits of it, and I see why it is crucial in an athlete’s development. So start journaling!

It doesn’t have to be a written journal. There are a multitude of ways to document your journey nowadays. I just encourage you to start today or continue if you have already done so. Whether it be by pictures, video, voice memos, drawings, or even if it actually is pen to paper. Keep record of the things you are doing inside and outside your sport. It doesn’t matter how big or small.

The reason I tell you to do this is because it is a way get your emotions out and a form releasing tension. It can often times be a form or relaxation and reflection. The path you taking is a special one and one day it will end up to be a “Xtraordinary” one. I want you to be able to look back on moments of insecurities, self-doubt, disappointment and realize how you utilized them to ultimately flourish. Your story is a part of what defines you and what we go through eventually molds us into a unique individual.

I think it’s so important especially for us as athletes to express how we are feeling. Whether that be in practice, extra work, a game, competition or anything else. This is one way we truly learn about ourselves. This is how we discover the things that drive us and motivate us. Of course, we can have all the instructors, coaches, motivators, and mentors telling us what to do. However, until we take the time to understand what we are feeling and thinking during these times we won’t truly grasp the ability to be the best versions of ourselves.

Give yourself a reference that you can go back to. It doesn’t matter if you are journaling the good times or the bad times, just find a way to express those thoughts, feelings, concerns and even questions.

Use this as an opportunity to converse with yourself.

In today’s society we are being bombarded with so many things at once, we truly need time for ourselves. We need to talk to ourselves and be with our own thoughts occasionally.

Use this as an occasion to talk to yourself positively and understand that you have room for progression. Be honest and confident with yourself, because if there is anyone you can’t fool its yourself. Remember to give yourself grace when journaling, reflecting, and expressing yourself.

It is important to document your journey because I know firsthand that you are headed somewhere special. It will be a long road and it will be extremely tough, but it will be that much more satisfying when you get to where you want to go. You will have the opportunity to look back and see how you responded to certain circumstances.

You’ll be able to reflect and see how the circumstances didn’t define you and how you were able to beat the odds. You will also see how all the little battles and struggles ultimately turned into victories.

Those circumstances then turn into lessons and teaching points not only for yourself, but to pass along to someone else.

I guess what I am ultimately saying is to keep a journal of the fight you are going through and continue to keep track of the progress. It just provides as an opportunity to promote growth and development. You are being molded into something special. While sometimes in the midst of things it may be tough, I encourage you to endure the challenges and always remember you will win in the end.

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