I Struggle With Patience

Patience is something that I have always struggled with. I so often want everything to happen on my terms, my timing, and as fast as possible. I’ve come to realize that things don’t always happen like that.

While I was playing in the minor leagues there were so many times I contemplated if baseball was right profession for me. I knew that I possessed the ability and I was committed to being a Major League Player, but I wasn’t happy about the time it was taking me to get there.

If someone told me from the beginning that it would take me 7 years after being drafted before making my major league debut, I might have gone into another profession. I might have thought “Why would I waste 7 years of my life chasing after a childhood dream?”.

After seeing so many of my teammates, peers and counterparts reach the big-league level before me and some of them even prematurely, I was confused and discouraged at times. Around my 6th year in the minor leagues I started to realize that I needed to change my mindset. Instead of thinking “Woe is me and when will I ever get my chance?” I started to think about everything I had learned during my journey. I began asking myself “What am I being taught while along this long road to the big leagues.”

When I started to evaluate what I was learning, I started to think more in a positive manner. I was learning intangibles like persistence, perseverance, composure and determination. I was setting myself up for success inside and outside the game of baseball. I didn’t know at the time that I would be much more prepared and equipped later on in life, after having endured so much.

Sometimes the best things in life progress slowly and take time. Many things test our patience and endurance.

Patience is a necessary trait to have especially in this fast-paced world. Often times things are moving so quickly around us we think we are being left behind or that we are moving a little too slowly.

Don’t let the world affect your endurance and tolerance for delay. Your commitment to excellence and something great isn’t on someone else’s timetable. Your timetable is absolutely not the same as anyone else’s. So, when it takes you a little longer than someone else, that is ok.

There is always a reason for our specific timing. We may not know it while we are in the midst of our path or journey, but one day it will reveal itself. Keep patience in your back pocket because it is something you need to have accessible to you. You never know when you will need it, and sometimes you don’t know how long you’ll need it for.


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