Effective Communication via Mike Shildt

As much as I enjoy discussing all things sports and conversating with different personalities in the sports industry, that isn’t the definitive goal. The goal is for the listener to grasp a new concept or a piece of information they might be able to apply to their daily life.

Sitting down with St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Shildt this week was truly a special opportunity for me. It was special in the sense that it allowed me to revisit with someone who made a huge impact in my playing career and my growth as person. There aren’t a lot of people in life you come across like that so I believe it is important to hold onto those relationships as close as you can. Those relationships are the ones you won’t forget, and they seem to continue to have life lasting effects.

Amongst many topics in our discussion, one thing that Shildt reminded me of is the importance to walk in someone else’s shoes and making an effort to see something from another person’s point of view. Shildt mentioned part of his growth was learning how not to be naïve to understanding that others just often want to be heard. Yes, it is logical to defend your personal viewpoint and reasoning. However, in order to be an “effective communicator” you must be a good listener. I think that is something so often overlooked in our society today.

As athletes with immense influence today this concept of effective communicating has been heightened to new levels. With so many ways to communicate “our” message today and use our platforms we must not forgot to listen and absorb other perspectives. This allows us to be better informed, as well as much more cognization of the audience we wish to impact.

I think Shildt touched on something hugely important from a sport perspective, as athletes must be to able to “effectively communicate” with their teammates, coaches, trainers and/or anyone involved with their sport.

During the podcast I mention a specific time where I was extremely frustrated with Shildt when he was my manager and I decided to express that frustration to him. We consequently had a heart to heart discussion, which was beneficial for the both of us. Ultimately the opportunity to convey my frustration allowed for my own growth because I became more aware of my weaknesses as a player. In turn, this allowed me to focus on strengthening those particular weaknesses to form myself into a better all-around athlete.

What I am trying to say here is that in today’s world communication is major factor and it always will be. This same communication applies in an athlete’s life as they progress along their specific journey. Don’t forget that communication doesn’t mean just talking, but also listening and doing your best to understand another person’s outlook on a situation or issue. Who knows, you might just learn something along the way that changes your whole perspective as well. That is when true growth really happens.

Listen to the full podcast by clicking on this link here: https://www.xoathletes.com/podcast/episode/7db0bca0/stl-cardinals-manager-mike-shildt-talks-overcoming-the-hurdles-of-2020

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