Diversity Is More Than A Buzzword

It challenges individuals to change their perspectives and their biased opinions. It creates an environment of growth and strong potential. It knocks down barriers and creates organic relationships through understanding. Whether it be in the classroom, on a team, in the workplace or anywhere quite honestly. Diversity creates a strong sense of unity and a foundation for excellence.

Excellence is what most of us are really striving for. In order to get there we have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to create opportunities for diverse teams, collaborations, and interactions.

As and athlete who has played in multiple different countries, I seen first hand how a mix of cultural backgrounds can not only benefit the team, but to encourages individuals to create relationships that really go deeper.

These types of settings really make us dig deeper and often times when we do that, we find out that we can relate in some sense. I know everyone is different and has unique experiences, but I think a lot of times we dismiss others because we assume they haven’t gone through what we have.

How would you ever know unless you put your guard down and took advantage of opportunities to listen and learn from your teammates, co-workers, and group members. Think of how many conversations you have personally had in which you are so ready to offer your opinion and thoughts that you aren’t even truly listening to the other person.

It is almost so natural in today’s society but we can break that cycle by putting our selves in situations where we consider another’s perspective. Today I feel like we are so quick to be “right” that we are ultimately losing because we don’t give ourselves and opportunity to learn. In turn we lose out on gaining understanding and developing wisdom.

Wisdom is a whole other subject and blog for another time. However I just want us to be aware of clique’s, our groups, our teams, and our collaborations. Don’t leave it up to someone else to create a diverse environment for you, you need to take the initiative to surround yourself with people of all backgrounds and understand this will only help you in the long run.

Look to people who travel a lot, they have a whole different perspective on life because they have personally and intentionally have experienced different cultures, influences, and society’s. Broaden your horizons and understand it help you grow in ways you have never imagined.

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