Authenticity is Key

It’s not solely about Podcasting, YouTubing, Blogging, Twitching, or even Tik-Toking. It is, however, about the ability to engage authentically with your audience. It’s about building relationships with people who have been following your story, or even having the opportunity to interact and learn from those you admire. All of these different platforms truly mean so much more when used in a positive way and not just for personal gain.

When I first started the Xtraordinary Athletes podcast, I set out on a mission to tell stories that represent achievement and provide an inside look on some top individuals in the sports industry. What I soon found out was that I was gaining more insights from the podcast than I could ever imagine. I was diving deep into conversation with unique personalities and learning more about individuals than I could ever fathom. I was getting so much information and selfishly I was gaining more awareness of the opportunity this platform was giving me.

Podcasting is literally like sitting down and having a phone conversation with someone, but the only difference is it’s recorded. The conversation could go anywhere, and that is beauty of it. The less limits a discussion has, the more organic the exchange can be.

I think this is part of the problem our world faces today. We feel the need to put limits, boundaries, and ceilings on ourselves in order to direct our specific path. We are so often afraid to offend someone with our platform that we frequently don’t express how we truly feel. However, if the platform is based around positivity and authenticity, there is room for organic development. That is the end all be all for me, personal growth. A consistent climbing of the ladder to become the best I can be. Consistently, especially as athletes, we get stuck with this idea of having to provide value or content on a specific platform. Just keep in mind we are the content, everything you do represents value. Make sure the value stems from positivity and progression.

You don’t have to be perfect when using these platforms. Your voice doesn’t have to be flawless. However, it will still be heard either way. It’s just like when we go back and listen to a soundbite of ourselves or a recording, it will always sound a little funny or a little off, but that’s because it is real. The value comes from YOU because YOU are being genuine. So, be real with your fans, followers, supporters, and family. In the end it’s not always about having everyone like everything you put out there. We’ve seen that specifically this year with politics and social justice issues. Everyone has their own opinion. Because of this, there will be a percentage that supports you, a percentage that dislikes you, but the percentage you can influence and impact, which may be the smallest percentage, is what you are really aiming for. Stay focused on that and everything else will fall into place.

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