Are You Asking Enough of Yourself?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Stop settling and stop letting yourself be content with less than the best. Expect the “xtraordinary” out yourself. Stop waiting around. This is your time to be great and don’t let anyone tell you any differently. It isn’t tomorrow, next week, or next year. It is now.

That has to be your mentality going into everything that you do. You can never be tired of wanting and expecting the best out of yourself. Your mentality cannot be the same as others who are just going through the motions.

My favorite thing to tell players, whether it’s youth or professional is that they must find a way to get better every day. I don’t care if that means you become better mentally, physically, or even spiritually. Just find a way to take small steps. Also keep in mind that you might possibly take a step back. It happens sometimes, but you have been prepared for it. You’ve been prepared because you’ve put in the work and you are built for this. You are mentally strong enough to overcome a small delay.

See one of the differences between an Xtraordinary Athlete and an average athlete is that an X.A. has a mindset that has been rooted deep down within them. A little setback doesn’t throw their whole world for a loop. They understand that anything that challenges them is a way for them to persevere and use patience to their advantage.

Even as someone who loved everything about Kobe Bryant’s game, I don’t believe the “Mamba Mentality” was only meant for him. I think this hard-nosed, no excuses, win at all cost mentality can be developed. Remember the world is going to tell you “no” all the time. The world is going to want you to fail. You beat the odds by remembering that you aren’t living up to the world’s standards. If that is the case, you will fail every time. The only person who can stop you is yourself.

A fire doesn’t start by itself; someone has to light it and/or something must be ignited.

This goes the same for that burning desire to be the best or perform at the highest level. It has to start somewhere, and it won’t just appear out of thin air. You have to develop it step by step day by day. Mold it and grow it into something no one will be able to take from you.

How do you do this?

I have 2 things for you.

1. Focus on the details of your craft. Yes, those same things that everyone finds boring and insignificant. Often times they are the fundamentals of your sports. Get so good at those because they will build the foundation for everything that comes after that.

2. Start turning your weaknesses into strengths and make that a strong focus of what you do. We all like to work on/practice what we excel at because that gives us confidence and makes us feel good. However, it’s the things we aren’t good at that can separate us. Sometimes they are tough to develop because they point out our insufficiencies and we feel vulnerable to loss.

Fight through these feelings and emotions. No one is perfect.

This is how you become better and well-rounded within your sport. Don’t forget this.

Don’t wait for someone to tell you what your weaknesses are. Go discover them for yourself. Ask questions. Keep learning more about yourself. Self-evaluation is key.

Keep winning.

Be Xtraordinary.

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