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*Campers Will Receive Signed Baseball, Camp Shirt, & Lunch.



A big objective of the first annual Xtraordinary Skills Challenge is to have the opportunity to donate the proceeds of our event to an educational program that helps promote higher education.


We hope to do this through tutoring and cultivating experiences. Ultimately helping students create a desire that encourages them continue on with education.


Xavier has teamed up with College Bound Consulting and A.C.E Tutoring to create an amazing opportunity to award students a scholarship to help with furthering their education.


A portion of proceeds will also go to the Poway baseball program to help provide on and off the field necessities as the Titans strive for Championship success. 

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Xtraordinary Skills Challenge is presented to you by pro baseball player, Xavier Scruggs, to allow you to put your skills to the test against the best players in the world, and learn from them.

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Xavier Scruggs is a professional free agent who previously played in Major League Baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins, and the NC Dinos of the KBO League.


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Grades 3-6|AM


Arrival Time


Challenge Begins


Challenge Ends and Lunch Begins

Grades 7-9|PM


Arrival Time


Challenge Begins


Challenge Ends

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What should challenge attendees wear?

Challenge attendees aka challengers, are encouraged to wear baseball pants.

What baseball equipment should we bring?

All baseball equipment. Catchers make sure to bring your gear.

Can girls compete?

Of course, anybody interested in baseball will get a lot better and have a ton of fun at this camp! Remember, we separate players based on age and general skill level for the best camp experience.

Who does the coaching?

All of our coaches are current and former professional baseball players and elite level coaches.

How does lunchtime work?

Lunch will be provided for the morning group. We will be providing ample time in the shade to eat lunch and have a snack at the end of the morning group. Your kid will also receive many water breaks and we encourage you to pack plenty of water. We always provide water at camps, but just in case on a hot day, we prefer you to pack water as well.

What if my kid is new to baseball? Will he/she enjoy the challenge?

Absolutely! We're all about positive energy and being a good teammate. We want to encourage players to be there for one another and help pick up one another no matter the skill level. Baseball's a game and it's supposed to be fun. Our coaching staff is also full of experience working with players new to the game and also MLB players. Come test your skills, while also learning new skills from some of the best players in the world.

What if my kid is an expert baseball player? Will he/she enjoy the camp?

We structure the camp to give ample reps so that each and every ballplayer will leave with a bump in their game. Xtraordinary Skills Challenge is a place where a good ballplayer can get focused reps in a dream baseball environment with world class instructors, and see how they stack up against the pros.

What is your refund policy?

Cancellations outside of a month of camp will receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations inside a month of the camp will simply receive a credit toward our next camp near you – we do this because our camps are popular and fill up quickly, so if your spot is reserved we more than likely turned another kid away. If a pre-camp injury prevents a player from attending, we will refund your money upon receipt of a doctor’s explanation.

What precautions are taken for allergies?

We encourage parents and players to share their child’s allergies at least 24 hours before the camp so that we can tailor a plan for each camp. Kids are not allowed to share foods and instructors aid to the allergies listed at sign up.

What time should we arrive at the challenge?

Always get there no later than 30 minutes before the listed start time. This will give time to check-in, get your cleats on, get loose, and not miss a beat.

Feb 01, 2020, 9:00 AM
Poway High School




My whole reasoning for doing this challenge/camp is because I want to give back to San Diego community that raised me. I group up in Poway play multiple sports in the community and went to Poway High school. I feel a sense of obligation to bring positivity back. I want to give back in a unique and fresh way. I wanted to provide the county something that allows education and sports to collide. Proceeds will go back to Local college prep programs and tutoring. Specifically A.C.E tutoring and College Bound Consultanting. I have come up with Xtraordinary skills Challenge as a way to help SD county kids learn the fundamentals of baseball and compete at a high level, all while being evaluated by major league talent.



Alumni Xavier Scruggs, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins, Korean League and currently in the Mexico League will be hosting his first of many Xtradordinary Skills Camps at Poway on February 1, 2020. X will be joined by several of his friends; current SF Giant Alex Dickerson, new Padres Tommy Pham, returning Padres Greg Garcia, LA Dodger Scott Alexander, former MLB players David Justice and Brett Bochy, and former MLB player and current Padres broadcaster Tony Gwynn Jr. More coaches will be announced as they become available



Xtraordinary Skills Challenge is a unique instructional showcase in which young athletes will have the opportunity to show their skills in front of Current and Former MLB players displaying the following five tools:


  • Speed

  • Power

  • Hitting for average

  • Fielding

  • Arm strength


MLB players will then give a grade to each young athlete in each of the five areas. This event is designed for athletes to receive instruction, showcase their talent and compete against one another in a constructive way.
The top three performers in each category will then have the chance compete against their MLB instructor in a each area.



This challenge will give the kids the opportunity to enhance their skills as well as display their talents in front of MLB players. The kids will receive a tangible assessment about themselves and will have enjoyed competing alongside the some of best MLB has to offer.



FEBRUARY 1, 2020 at Poway High school




$100 per player.


*Proceeds of this event will benefit our Poway Titan Baseball program as well as a North County tutoring and college prep programs.



IG: @XskillsChallenge


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